Second metamorphosis paper accepted to ES&T! UPDATED

Kraus, JM, DM Walters, JS Wesner, CA Stricker, TS Schmidt, and RE Zuellig. In press. Metamorphosis alters contaminant transfer and diet tracers in insects. Environmental Science and Technology (open access)

We’re on a roll with metamorphosis at ES&T. Johanna Kraus, a Mendenhall Fellow at the USGS, led the way on this very important paper. It shows differential contaminant loss as insects metamorphose from larvae to adult. Some contaminants are lost, while others are retained. Further, some stable isotope tracers, like N15, also change during metamorphosis. The results have broad application to contaminant transfer in food webs, and the interpretation of stable isotope studies.

This paper was chosen as an “Editor’s Choice” by the American Chemical Society.
USGS Press Release

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