Undergraduate Research Positions Summer 2021

We are hiring three undergraduates to conduct fisheries research this summer. The positions are funded through various sources. Please apply to as many as you like. I’ve also posted ads from other researchers in the area (of South Dakota). Positions at USD Invasive Bigheaded Carp Experiments – $3500 total stipend available. Duties: Assist a graduateContinue reading “Undergraduate Research Positions Summer 2021”

Graduate Student Position in Fish Ecology – Spring 2021 (Position Filled)

Description: The Department of Biology at the University of South Dakota seeks applications for an MS research assistantship to study Asian carp invasion biology in South Dakota. We anticipate funding for one MS research assistant for two years beginning January 2021. The stipend is $23,500/year with full tuition remission. The student will join a collaborativeContinue reading “Graduate Student Position in Fish Ecology – Spring 2021 (Position Filled)”

Three books that helped me learn Bayesian statistics

In a previous post, I wrote about my journey into learning (and continuing to learn) Bayesian statistics. Making the jump into Bayes would have been impossible without some great resources (books, articles, packages, and blogs) that have come out in the last few years. Here’s my quick review of books that have been most influentialContinue reading “Three books that helped me learn Bayesian statistics”

How to write a research article in ecology

I wrote this for my students last year. They are thoughts I have to constantly remind myself of in my own writing. They are far from universal. I hope they help.  Jeff Wesner (21 August 2017) Readers and reviewers are desperate to learn new and exciting science. They are not desperate to tear your scienceContinue reading “How to write a research article in ecology”

Eric Sazama’s first article is published! Wolbachia in aquatic insects.

Wolbachia is a fascinating critter. It’s a bacterial genus that infects lots of arthropods, and does all kinds of things to them that make great headlines, like killing males or making them eat brains. However, it’s commonness is disputed, particularly among insects that live in rivers and lakes (i.e. freshwater insects). So in this study, EricContinue reading “Eric Sazama’s first article is published! Wolbachia in aquatic insects.”

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