Brianna Henry is an NSF Graduate Research Fellow!

Congratulations to Brianna Henry! Brianna is an undergraduate at Clarion University of Pennsylvania who was just awarded an NSF GRFP fellowship to conduct research on herbicides and wetland ecosystem ecology. This award is highly competitive – only 12% of the 16,500 submitted proposals were funded. She will join our lab at USD this summer, andContinue reading “Brianna Henry is an NSF Graduate Research Fellow!”

Welcome to Eric Sazama!

Eric joined the lab in Fall 2014 to pursue his M.S. He’s developing a fascinating project that will ask how Wolbachia,¬†a widespread endosymbiotic bacterium, is distributed within aquatic insects. He will then ask how infection by¬†Wolbachia might alter the ability for insects to complete metamorphosis, a key process in linking aquatic-terrestrial food webs.

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