We got our first grant!

An internal grant from USD will help to establish “Model systems to understand threats to freshwater ecosystems.” That is – we can now hire several undergraduate students and buy equipment to help build 1) a large outdoor artificial stream system, and 2) an indoor culture of the model mayfly¬†Centroptilum triangulifer.

Welcome to Jerry Warmbold!

Jerry will start his M.S. in the Wesner lab in January 2014. He’s interested in fisheries and fish ecology. His project will answer questions related to the influence of fish species loss on linked aquatic-terrestiral ecosystems.

New Paper in Ecology

Wesner, JS, EJ Billman, and MC Belk. 2012. Multiple predators indirectly alter community assembly across ecological boundaries. Ecology 93: 1674-1682. (see Publications for a .pdf). Choosing where to lay eggs is critical to an organism’s fitness. Make the wrong choice, and your offspring are toast. It’s no surprise, then, that … Continue Reading New Paper in Ecology