Dr Jeff Wesner | Principal Investigator


Jeff works on the ecology and conservation of stream and terrestrial ecosystems. He employs population, community, behavioral and food web ecology to: (1) guide conservation of freshwater species; and, (2) understand how species loss, species introductions and pollution affect food webs.


Research Gate | Google Scholar |CV |Jeff.Wesner@usd.edu

Graduate Students

Eric Sazama | PhD candidate


Eric’s research examines links between organisms and their ecosystems. His aim is to develop new strategies to conserve or control insects. His PhD project is investigating how a type of bacteria (Wolbachia) affects insect hatches and the health of the Missouri River.


LinkedIn | Research Gate | Website | Eric.Sazama@usd.edu

Abe Kanz | Masters candidate


Abe’s research examines the role of fishes in aquatic-terrestrial food webs. His aim is to understand how fish co-exist and regulate emerging aquatic insects by feeding on different life-stages of aquatic insects. His research will reveal generalities to help us predict how fish invasion or species loss can


ResearchGate | Abraham.Kanz@coyotes.usd.edu | CV

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Yasmeen Sandoval | NSF-REU 2018 | Stage-structured feeding in fishes

Lab Alumni

Brianna Henry | MS 2018 | Tile drains and prairie pothole cross-ecosystem connections. Current Position: USGS Fort Collins Science Center | @brithebiologist
Lauren Henning | MS 2018 | Odonate predator-prey interactions | @henning_lauren
Jerry Warmbold | MS 2016 | Fish ecology and aquatic-terrestrial linkages. Current Position: Canadian Fisheries | @jerrywarmbold
Tyler Seidel | NSF-REU 2017 | Asian carp and native fish effects on insect emergence (Ph.D. student in Jaques Finlay‘s lab, University of Minnesota – Fall 2018)
Charles Nearman | Independent Study 2017 | Fathead minnows and insect emergence. Current Position: USGS
Erika Oddy | Independent Study 2017 | Spatial and temporal variation in insect emergence from backwaters of the Missouri River. Current Position: USGS
Michael Bosch | Independent Study 2015 | Invertebrate population models. Current Position: Ph.D. Candidate in Tony Ives’ lab, University of Wisconsin.
Madi Krause | Volunteer 2015 | Mayfly culture and population model.
Nathan Bedoya | Volunteer 2015 | Fish predation meta-analysis. Current Position: Software sales, California.
Erik Manke | Independent study 2014 | Meta-analysis of fish effects on aquatic insects. Current Position: USD Medical School.
Spencer Neuharth | Independent study 2014 | Effects of toxins on fish hatchery eggs. Current Position: Freelance Outdoor Writer @SpencerNeuharth
Justin Schaefer | Independent study 2014 | Aquatic invertebrates of the Missouri River. Current Position: Opthamology Student, Boston, MA.
Jessica Speiser | Wetland tile drainage and insect emergence. Current Position: Rapid City, SD